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Largemouth Bass fishermen & collectors of Largemouth Bass fish art, see us first for some of the finest Largemouth Bass fish replicas. We specialize in Bass fish taxidermy and fiberglass Bass reproductions.
We get many requests for Bass fish reproductions & replicas from all over the country. Largemouth Bass fishing is very popular in the state of Florida. Customers in that area searching for a professional fish taxidermist, call upon us to have their trophy Bass skin mounted or reproduced into a replica mount.
The excellent quality of our fish reproductions & replicas of the Bass species accurately resembles the natural shape and coloration of each fish.
Whether you are local or out of state contact us for any questions related to Largemouth Bass taxidermy.  

Below are images of Bass replicas & Bass reproductions

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10 lb. Fiberglass Reproduction
15 lb. Largemouth Bass Replica & Bluegill
California Largemouth Bass Replica - 13lbs.
5 lb. Bass Reproduction
Georgia Largemouth Bass Reproduction - 9lbs.
Florida Bass Reproduction - 14lbs.
Florida Largemouth Bass Reproduction
Florida Bass Reproduction with Baitfish
Florida Largemouth Bass Reproduction - 25"
Bass Replica with lilly pads - 11lbs.
Largemouth Bass Replica with Crankbait
Largemouth Bass Replica - 17lbs.
Bass Replica with deformed tail fin
Daniel Blackstone Studio
25" Largemouth Bass Replica
Largemouth Bass Replica
Largemouth Bass Replica 28"x18lbs.
Bass Replica - 28" length, 27" girth, 18lbs.
Largemouth Bass Replica & Bluegill