Our studio offers some of the finest fiberglass fish replicas,
fish reproductions, and fish mounts. We specialize in     reproducing all types of freshwater and saltwater species, including marine life fish. These examples of replica taxidermy are designed for serious sport fishermen and any other individual or business interested in purchasing one of the many reproductions of fish we have to offer.   
 The fiberglass fish replicas or re-creations of fish we offer are molded from actual saltwater and freshwater game fish species. The correct shape of the live fish, even the smallest detail will be put into each reproduction of fish or fish mount. One of the most important techniques constructed into every replica is the coloring process. My style of painting makes every fish that is reproduced come alive, and does not leave a fake or unnatural presentation. No work leaves my studio unless it resembles a life-like look of each species, and every customer is completely satisfied. 
 There are hundreds of styles and sizes for every type of fish, including all game fish, marine life fish and exotic species.  
 The work that I produce is not limited to "Catch & Release" fishermen, but also to various fish art collectors, businesses, museums, restaurants, or any organization searching to purchase quality fully detailed reproductions of fish. Re-creations of fish are an alternative to traditional fish skin mounts. Customers can contact me on what options might best suit their needs whether it might be a real fish skin mount, or one that has been replicated. Freshwater species can be traditionally skin mounted or made into a replica, most saltwater species have to be done one way and thats re-created into a fish replica.
The reason for a replicated fish mount is that anglers can catch their trophy fish and throw it back to live another day, and still have a life-like re-created mount to match their fish. This process can be done the day of their fishing trip or order an exact size of their prize catch even years later. My work can also be purchased for decorative purposes, without the task of a fishing trip.

ORDERING - Customers can request any fiberglass replica by taking measurements of the fish. Total length of fish in inches, then girth size in inches around widest part of the belly. A color picture provided by the customer will help in the coloration process if a certain color is desired. Also, if no measurements are provided just give me a name of the species and I will match the style, shape, and size of your request. 
Your customized mount can be constructed into a wall mount, pedestal mount (2 sided), or a display with various types of habitat.
Order options can be taken in the studio, by phone, or e-mail. Just ask.
Our work is guaranteed for life and by browsing this website you can see that my style of work resembles real live species of fish.
Contact us first for all reproduction or replicas of fish.         
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